quarta-feira, 24 de outubro de 2007

Jornalismo móvel na Reuters - Parte II

O blog PDA do The Guardian Unlimited (via Ponto Media) também destaca a experiência de jornalismo móvel da Reuters a partir de um celular da Nokia N95. Veja trecho da notícia do PDA destacando que o kit usado pelos repórteres permite editar e publicar textos, vídeos e áudio a partir do celular:

"As part of a trial that began earlier this summer, a handful of Reuters' journalists were given mobile handsets that included an application that allows them to edit and then publish multimedia packages of text, video and audio. They don't need to use a computer, and the application has the advantage of metatagging the packages with location, time and so on. The kit included an almost full size plug-in keyboard, tripod (not, I suspect, always used), a mic and a solar power unit, and has been used to cover New York Fashion Week, the Edinburgh TV Festival and the Gadgetoff 2007 festival."

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