sexta-feira, 11 de abril de 2008

futuro nômade e mobilidade

Edição da revista The Economist traz reportagem especial (nomads at last e our nomadic future) abordando que o mundo atual está cada vez mais marcado pelo nomadismo digital e pela mobilidade. A expansão das tecnologias móveis e das conexões sem fio seriam responsáveis pelas mudanças que se verifica agora e, principalmente, para o futuro. A matéria aponta mudanças na vida das pessoas nos aspectos cultural, político, das cidades, dos empregos. O texto defende que estaria emergendo uma nova versão para o nomadismo.


"SOMETIMES the biggest changes in society are the hardest to spot precisely because they are hiding in plain sight. It could well be that way with wireless communications. Something that people think of as just another technology is beginning to show signs of changing lives, culture, politics, cities, jobs, even marriages dramatically. In particular, it will usher in a new version of a very old idea: nomadism. "
"Will it be a better life? In some ways, yes. Digital nomadism will liberate ever more knowledge workers from the cubicle prisons of Dilbert cartoons. But the old tyranny of place could become a new tyranny of time, as nomads who are “always on” all too often end up—mentally—anywhere but here (wherever here may be). As for friends and family, permanent mobile connectivity could have the same effect as nomadism: it might bring you much closer to family and friends, but it may make it harder to bring in outsiders. It might isolate cliques. Sociologists fret about constant e-mailers and texters losing the everyday connections to casual acquaintances or strangers who may be sitting next to them in the café or on the bus. "

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